Invite Stosh to speak on courage at your next event.

Key elements of an Invitation to Courage presentation include:

  • What it takes to enrich the world and why individuals and/or organizations should make it a priority
    • 3 kinds of courage individuals and/or organizations must exercise
    • 3 fears individuals and/or organizations must overcome
    • 3 kinds of safety individuals and/or organizations must sacrifice
  • Practical suggestions and inspiring anecdotes to enable and encourage growth in each area
  • What we stand to gain by exercising courage
    • 3 kinds of significance individuals and/or organizations enjoy when they exercise courage, overcome fear and sacrifice safety

Presentations can be customized to any group, and can be delivered as a keynote or breakout sessions.

Stosh also speaks regularly on the organizational development topics of leadership, employee engagement, talent and performance management.  For more information on those topics, please click here.

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