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People call Stosh’s presentations “Insightful,” “Impactful,” “Inspiring” and “Practical.”  Here’s what one organizer (Kerry O.) said, “Never before have I seen this group go from guffawing at their tables all the way to deep thought processing in the span of 30 minutes!  I know that everyone left with something valuable!

Presentations can be customized to any group, and can be delivered as a keynote or breakout sessions.

Popular topics include:

An Invitation to Courage-Envisioning the world as it could be both individually and organizationally  CLICK HERE to watch an excerpt (opens in new tab)
Most people and organizations see the world as it is and react.  This impactful presentation redefines courage as an invitation to envision the world as it could be, then create it both individually and organizationally by amplifying (being more of who we are), investing (offering our best) and serving (claiming our influence).  Addresses both fears to overcome and certain kinds of safety that must be sacrificed in order to gain significance and create an ideal world.

Don’t Focus on Your Weaknesses; Build on Your Strengths!  CLICK HERE to watch an excerpt (opens in new tab)
Recent research suggests that an overwhelming 63% of people still believe that fixing their weaknesses is their best pathway to success.  Further, less than 25% of people report spending most of their time in a performance review talking about their strengths.  Yet, Gallup analysis reveals that “people who use their strengths every day are 3x more likely to report having an excellent quality of life, 6x more likely to be engaged at work, 8% more productive and 15% less likely to quit their jobs.”  In this eye-opening talk built on a foundation of research and filled with practical steps, former Gallup expert Stosh D. Walsh provides insights on how to embrace who you are, manage around your shortcomings and perform better than ever.

Train to Sustain-How to implement, support and measure a long-term employee engagement initiative
Fewer than 1 in 3 employees are engaged at work.  Most organizations know this and try to do something about it.  But why do so many employee engagement initiatives fail?  The answer is not based in what survey the organization uses to measure engagement; it is based in how the organization and its leaders use the information from the survey.  This practical keynote assists organizations and leaders to establish or advance a successful employee engagement initiative by focusing on building capability in leaders and managers.  Steps to this include leveraging a consultative approach to training; understanding, communicating, and partnering toward specific business results; and ensuring leaders and managers have immediate takeaways and accountability for follow up.

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Team
If most managers are good people with good intentions, why do so many associates say such terrible things about their jobs?  This empowering talk based on a popular article written by Stosh D. Walsh gives managers and leaders the tools they need to reconnect with their people, establish a common purpose and create real meaning in their work environment.

Being Your Own Best Practice-How to manage your career while you help others manage theirs
Leaders in every industry are continually being asked to do “more with less,” and the first sacrifice they make to achieve “more” tends to be their own development.  This interactive session enables leaders to ensure their continued growth by introducing them to new ideas to help them prioritize learning and development, refine their brands and manage their careers with intentionality.  Includes a practical template to help participants manage that process.

Why Everyone Hates Performance Reviews and What You Should Do About It
A recent CEB survey of 13,000 people worldwide found that about 65 percent of employees say the performance review process isn’t relevant to their jobs, and actually interferes with their productivity.  To make matters worse, about 95 percent of managers say they aren’t satisfied with their organizations’ performance management processes, and 90 percent of HR professionals don’t believe their companies’ performance reviews provide accurate information.  But we have to evaluate somehow, right?  This instructive presentation outlines the issues with traditional performance review practices, and offers accessible solutions to create a more conversational and productive approach to the dreaded annual review.


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