Education/Community Sessions

Stosh D. Walsh serves others through speaking, coaching, workshops and writing. He is a TEDx speaker, an adjunct executive coach with the Center for Creative Leadership, and the author of Along the Way: Leadership Stories from Everyday Life (2012) and several articles.

After earning his undergraduate degree in Secondary Education, he began his career in traditional education settings, honing his leadership as a classroom teacher for middle school through college, and as a university residence life director and athletics coach.  From there, he transitioned into consulting, continuing to work with education and community groups while establishing expertise as an executive coach and facilitator, working with a diverse group of clients such as The University of Arkansas, Tulane, Hewlett-Packard and General Electric.  He earned a Master of Arts degree in Leadership in 2006, and has continued to lead in the community by serving on non-profit boards at both the local and national levels.

When Stosh was 5 years old, he lost his father to addiction and suicide. Moving toward that pain instead of away from it in subsequent years, he embraced his role as a hope bringer and a courage giver, centered on the truth he discovered on his journey: that courage is not merely having the strength to overcome hardship or fear; courage is envisioning the world as it could be, and creating that world with intentionality. As a speaker and facilitator, he invites individuals and groups to live with greater courage and create the best world they can envision.

In addition to Stosh’s work in corporate settings, he maintains an active connection to his roots in education and with community groups, presenting keynotes and workshops tailored to these audiences, descriptions of which follow.

An Invitation to Courage-Envisioning the world as it could be both individually and communally   
A school is the cornerstone of a community, and a community is the cornerstone of the world.  When our schools are shaken by bullying, hazing and other negative events, our communities and the world in which they exist are weakened and impoverished.  But merely reacting to those negatives does not fix the problem.  This impactful presentation redefines courage as an invitation to envision the world as it could be, then create it in our schools and communities by amplifying (being more of who we are), investing (offering our best) and serving (claiming our influence).  Addresses the fears we must overcome and the kinds of safety we must sacrifice to be proactive and courageous as we endeavor to build communities and eliminate the negatives that seek to tear those communities down.
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Don’t Focus on Your Weaknesses; Build on Your Strengths!
Recent research suggests that an overwhelming 63% of people still believe that fixing their weaknesses is their best pathway to success.  Most students, parents and educators focus more attention and effort on courses in which they struggle than in areas of natural gifting or strong performance.  When students enter the workforce, they join a group of which fewer than 25% report spending most of their time in a performance review talking about their strengths.  Yet, Gallup analysis reveals that “people who use their strengths every day are 3x more likely to report having an excellent quality of life, 6x more likely to be engaged at work, 8% more productive and 15% less likely to quit their jobs.”  In this eye-opening talk built on a foundation of research and filled with practical steps, former Gallup expert Stosh D. Walsh provides insights on how to embrace who you are, manage around your shortcomings and perform better than ever.
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