What if the best leadership development program in the world is in your living room, your kitchen, and the places you volunteer?

It is.

What if everyday encounters are as instructive as the latest Fortune 500 company fad, a top university certificate, or a weekend retreat with a popular guru?

They are.

What if, instead of spending time away from your family, you could develop your leadership by spending time WITH them?

You can.

Everyday encounters–rich in frustration, investment, humor, opportunity and reward–offer a refining crucible for leadership. Although executive leadership is the domain of a select few, opportunities to lead at local levels are virtually endless regardless of title or position in life.  With the heart of a parent and the probing questions of an executive coach, author Stosh D. Walsh shares 50 stories from everyday life, and offers practical insights to inspire growth in leaders everywhere.

Click the following link for a .pdf excerpt from the book: Along the Way Excerpt