About Stosh

Stosh D. Walsh’s journey to courage began when he was just 5 years old, and his father committed suicide.  Moving toward that pain instead of away from it in subsequent years, he realized an important truth: courage is not merely for overcoming hardship or fear; courage is for enriching the world.  As a speaker and facilitator, he invites individuals and organizations to greater courage: specifically, to envision the world as it could be, then create that world.

Stosh has spent his career in support of this concept, working in both for-profit and non-profit organizations before founding his own firm.  He began his career in traditional education settings as a classroom teacher before working in university residence life and athletics.  From there, he enjoyed nearly a decade with The Gallup Organization, where he contributed to the best-selling Strengths Based Leadership as a member of the practice team, won several awards as Gallup’s top presenter in his practice category, and worked with clients such as The United States intelligence community, Federal Aviation Administration, GE, HP, Boeing, Microsoft, Cardinal Health, Johnson & Johnson, State Farm, Caterpillar, Northrup Grumman, Alcoa, Johnson Controls, US Bank, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Waste Management, Kiewit, Stryker, Eastman Chemical, Harley Davidson, Charles Schwab, McKinsey and Kohler.  In 2014-15, he led the organizational development function for the largest credit union in Illinois before founding Constant Organizational Development to serve the Leadership, Employee Engagement, Talent and Performance Management needs of clients.

Equally comfortable in a suit and tie speaking from his deep expertise on leadership and organizational development, or in jeans and a t-shirt inspiring people and organizations to live with greater courage and enrich their worlds, Stosh brings insight, substance and clarity to his engagements.  Depending on the environment and topic, he occasionally displays an arm full of tattoos, which he explains with a simple, “I want my life to be marked by the things that are most important to me, and I want my life to mark others—tattoos are a permanent reminder of that.”

He has given 2 TEDx talks (“Lead Like They’re Dying” and “#30forothers”), and he is the author of Along the Way: Leadership Stories from Everyday Life (2012), “Five Questions You Must Ask Your Team” (Gallup Business Journal May 2013-subsequently named top read article of 2013), and “Leadership is More Than the C-Suite” (Gallup Business Journal September 2013).  His new book, An Invitation to Courage: from Safety to Significance is scheduled for a summer 2017 release.

Stosh earned a BA in Education and a MA in Leadership.  His other interests include hiking, photography and spending time with his wife and 2 children.

Past keynote and breakout topics include:

An Invitation to Courage—invites audiences to envision the world as it could be, and outlines 3 kinds of courage we must exercise, 3 kinds of fears we must overcome and 3 kinds of safety we must sacrifice as individuals and organizations to create that world.

Don’t Focus on Your Weaknesses; Build on Your Strengths!—Former Gallup expert encourages audiences to embrace who they are and perform better than ever, supporting concepts with research and practical examples.

How to Implement, Support and Measure a Long-Term Employee Engagement Strategy—synthesizes best practices for getting employee engagement right, and provides practical steps and examples for communication, implementation and action.

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