I need help. Do you?

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I am a good leader. Education, experiences and objective assessment would support that. (Yes, that is a confident opening statement, but that is another post for another day.)

None of that, however, precludes me from needing help.

It doesn’t matter what kind of talent or education or experience I have in leadership. I still need help.

Too many leaders, though, fail to recognize this, and even some who do fail to act on it.

I had a conversation with a mentee recently in which I offered to advocate for him in a given situation where I held some influence. To my surprise, he thanked me for the offer, but refused.

I was flabbergasted. I did not feel personally offended by his refusal, but I did wonder what was going through his mind.

Upon further reflection, though, he is a talented individual–very intelligent, charismatic and high-achieving.

This, however, is more than likely what made him think he doesn’t need my help, and probably not anyone else’s.

Counterintuitively, help is what will open doors for greater uses of his talent, and fulfillment of his capacities and potential.

As a leader, I need that kind of help whenever I can get it.

Do you?

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