Life (and Death)


I learned today that a guy with whom I played soccer and attended class in high school took his own life this past weekend.  We weren’t really pals, hadn’t kept in touch except through Facebook, but it gave me pause to reflect nonetheless.

I thought about the loneliness he must have felt, and the drastic lows that must precipitate such a decision.  And then I thought about the people in my life, and how I care about them so fervently and hope so desperately that my relationships with them could withstand such storms, or afford them at least one outlet in the midst of their angst were they to encounter it.

But I know all too well that there are also other factors, most well beyond my capacity to control.

So I resolve again anew, as we all must, to play my part in strengthening bonds, in remaining current, intentional, even vulnerable. 

For there is no shame in knowing, nor in being known.

So speak, ask, listen, apologize, hug, smile, cry, admit, persist…  and create an environment in which it is possible for others to do the same.

Even the greatest among us falls when alone.

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