Leading Authentically

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Among my online haunts is Seth Godin’s blog, which has a lot of quality ideas about many interesting topics.  Today, his post about how to make a blog more popular made me think about leading authentically.  In it, he says, “one difference between creating something you believe in and creating something that’s popular is that popularity seekers follow established steps.  Do this, do that, do the other thing…  The problem with this, that and the other thing is that you end up with a career filled with it.  Instead of creating long-lasting art, ideas that matter and things that spread organically, you end up with a bunch of calculated mini-hits.”

When was the last time you looked at the leadership section in your local bookstore? 

Huge, wasn’t it?

Now, many of those books contain excellent ideas worth practicing. 

The problem is that all of them don’t fit all of us.

Seriously now–what would become of my leadership if I tried to be more like Joe Torre, Robert E. Lee and Jack Welch?  All at the same time?  Or how about one at a time?

Who would I be?

It’s likely my followers wouldn’t know.

I need to know who I am, and then incorporate things I learn about leadership that are congruent with that.  If not, I run the risk of creating “events,” (or worse, masks) and never truly capturing anyone’s heart or allegiance.

And that is a risk I cannot live with.

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